Manufacturer of accessories, accessories for boats, boats, yachts.


About "Borika"

Started in 1999 as a small business, BORIKA now is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of accessories for virtually all kinds of watercrafts, including boats, kayaks and yachts. Our products combine a high quality and a reasonable price. Owing to active introduction of innovations, the BORIKA products have become popular not only in Ukraine, but far beyond it.

Today, we expand globally presenting new product lines and offering our consumers effective solutions continuously.

Our accessories helping turn water sports into a more enjoyable experience are so easy to mount and operate that even beginners can handle them with little effort.

The BORIKA products meet the highest standards of safety and comfort and enable our customers to create their own unique configuration of their watercrafts while keeping an option for re-equipping or updating them as new needs arise.

Along with our items, a buyer receives excellent after-sales service.

With the BORIKA products watercrafts become versatile, comfortable and stylish thus giving our customers ample opportunities to explore new water sports.

Vitaly Borisenko 

CEO & Founder of BORIKA