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Once we take up a new hobby and start getting a real buzz out of a favorite pursuit, we immerse ourselves in it deeper and deeper: we begin to study details and little things, delve into the specifics of the processes and strive to improve the quality of our leisure.

However, if our hobby is not on the list of the most popular ones, we will inevitably have difficulty finding related accessories. They are either scarce or too expensive or poorly compatible with each other.

The BORIKA's products solve these problems for water recreationists. If you go out for fishing, river rafting, kayaking, sailing or have a watercraft of your own or are a manufacturer of boats, kayaks or other watercrafts, in our wide range of products you will certainly find the very thing you have been looking for.

The FASTen series is a carefully thought-out and designed "erector set" of accessories, equipment, fittings and attachments for all kinds of watercrafts.

Our accessories give a boat, kayak or yacht a superb performance, unmatched comfort and stylish design. Our products boast versatility, high reliability and quality.

The Fs219 universal mount of the FASTen is the cornerstone of the series - it offers opportunities that have never occurred to you. With its help, you can quickly install onboard a vessel a variety of accessories such as a fishfinder, fishing rod, camera, navigator, ladder, rail, inflatable stabilizer, anchor lock, tube frames for an awning, etc.

The extensive choice of the FASTen mounting pads allows you to fit the universal mount on any surface, for example, on a hard or inflatable side of a vessel, on a tube or rail or aluminum C-shaped track. Among the recent developments of BORIKA’s are mounting pads that do not require drilling or gluing a surface.

To make your choice easier, we have created kits containing an accessory, a mount and a mounting pad for a specific type of surface. The kits allow you to mount a rod holder, transom, fishfinder or other equipment without bothering a complex choice of components.

The excellent compatibility of the FASTen accessories enables the owner of a vessel to dismount, re-arrange or swap the mounted equipment in seconds. Furthermore, there are options to fit several accessories in the same mount. This saves useful space and helps keep the boat tidy.

The accessories of the FASTen series offer unlimited opportunities to create an individual configuration of a vessel at the owner’s option. BORIKA's engineers pay close attention to the customers’ feedback and needs thanks to which our product range is regularly updated with user-friendly and functional innovations.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on our products.

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